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Pastors Craig & Tabitha Lott

Youth Group   //   Young Adults Group

Craig & Tabitha Lott met in 2017 at a local church as they were each pursuing the heart of Jesus and His will for their lives. The friendship grew into courting and a wedding took place a little over a year later on June 15, 2018.

Craig, a former soldier, starts his story at Beloved in 2013. His life was radically changed through the ministry of Beloved’s message about the love and acceptance of Father God, and he knew there was more for him. He attended two of years of Beloved’s School of Ministry which culminated to multiple mission trips including Haiti and southern California, witnessing many signs, wonders, and miracles, as well as people getting delivered from the powers of evil! Following his studies, he volunteered as a staff member for the Youth and Young Adult ministry at Beloved. He explored other facets of ministry at local bodies in the region, where he met Tabitha.

Tabitha’s journey to that June date was full of heartache, death, as well as health issues. The first fourteen (yes, 14) years of her life were spent in and out of the hospital where she died six times. Through the midst of it all, her relationship with Jesus Christ grew stronger and stronger.

Together in love with Jesus and each other, the couple found themselves reconciled to Beloved Church in 2019, and now leading the Youth Group and Young Adults Group into deeper revelations of the Finished Work of the Cross and their identity in Christ.

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