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Take The Land

Outdoor Conference - Open to ages 13 to 18

July 16, 2022

10AM - 6PM

Empowering tomorrow's leaders to defend their belief with truth, activating their Divine purpose through unity of the faith.


boxed lunch included

Register as a group or as an individual.
The deadline to register is June 18th.

Click on the appropriate button to complete the registration form:

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Luke Miiller is a young man with a heart for evangelism and a passion to encourage those who stand up for Christ. Luke began studying Christian apologetics extensively as a teen and now excels as a four-year veteran of debate. Even as a child, Luke gravitated to chess, logic, and verbal  sparring. Luke's passion for apologetics first surfaced when he attended a summer creation camp; there he was inspired to prove God to his generation. Since then he has devoted himself to learning how to defend the Christian faith.

Guest Speaker

RUGGED Logo P.png

R.U.G.G.E.D. Ministry, an acronym for “Relying Upon God’s Grace Every Day,” is a non-profit, music group based out of Northern Illinois. Founded by the lead vocalist, Ryan Smith, this anointed group of ministers has a passion for sharing Jesus through praise. ​While founded in 2019, R.U.G.G.E.D. began as a dream and calling in the heart of its founder. After 6 years of planning, training, and preparation, R.U.G.G.E.D. was formed and is sharing the love and grace of Jesus to any who will listen.


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